Cannabis Facilities Construction


Cannabis Facilities Construction


Valiant-America is a leader in development, management, consulting and general contracting.  With past experience in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other industrial buildings, Valiant’s newfound success follows a decade-long specialization in commercial development of cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries. We take pride in the rigorous standards in our Safety Policy which requires all employees to participate in and complete a comprehensive safety course which reflects unsurpassed excellence in all of our projects. 

Based in the Northeast United States, Valiant is rapidly expanding domestically, with plans underway to enter Europe and other countries such as South Korea. Projects are underway in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida and several other states. Our qualified professionals hold cutting-edge knowledge of building in a wide range of unique climates, and our executive team carries a combined 40 years experience in all aspects of construction.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Valiant has developed and managed over 800,000 sq ft. of compliant, innovative, full-scale medical cannabis cultivation facilities.  The unique knowledge of our team allows us to construct successful, sustainable and mold-resistant facilities in any climate, regardless of ambient humidity, drastic fluctuation in temperatures, and other important environmental factors.

Vertically Integrated Trades

Our own excavation, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, flooring, heating & cooling, irrigation, site-specific document generation, permitting, and other internal teams allow for an efficient, timely completion of projects. 

Top-Quality Equipment Partnerships

Strategic partnerships between Valiant’s suppliers and specialized management team allow for expediting of projects and reduced expenses, as well as faster service and product support in completed, functioning facilities.  

Full-Scale Cultivation Facilities

Our state of the art facilities are built with industry-leading technology to provide the greatest return on investment to our clients. Take a look at our most recent two projects watch as we convert two old buildings into full-functioning cultivation and dispensary locations.

Complete Restoration

We specialize in complete overhaul restoration of antique mills and other dated buildings. All projects are built and inspected down to every fine detail, assuring each project exceeds modern codes and safety standards, while creating the most ideal cannabis cultivation facility for production in any climate. 

We Offer

Real estate selection • Site permitting and license options • Cultivation • Manufacturing • Testing • Retail • Architects & engineers • Contractor selection • Equipment efficiency • HVAC/dehumidification • Energy Efficient Systems • Cogen systems/renewable energy • Irrigation/fertigation • Lighting & benches • Mold/odor mitigation • Building management systems (BMS) & controls • Electrical • Infrastructure verification • Energy Requirements

Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction


Operational Flow & Layout

Building Envelope  •  Site Review (Pre-Construction)  •  Energy Systems (Co-Gen)  •  Distribution  •  Equipment  •  Logistics  •  Floor Plan/Room Layout  •  Budgeting  •  Dispensaries  •  Grow Facilities  •  Test Labs  •   Extraction Facilities  •  Commercial Kitchens

Construction Experts

30 years of installing specified equipment in every type of facility

Finance Professionals

20 years of experience in loan origination, leasing, financing, and debt servicing

Skilled Legal Team

Over 40 years of experience in contract law

Cannabis Cultivation Solid Waste Byproduct Disposal Service

Per 935 CMR Cannabis Control Commission for the Adult Use of Marijuana 500.105(12) Waste Management Requirements and MassDEP waste ban regulations (310 CMR 19.017), materials generated as a byproduct of the cannabis cultivation process are banned from disposal. The byproducts are considered “commercial organic material” and are banned from disposal of over 1 ton per week.

Cannawaste’s team and equipment fleet allow for the compliant disposal of cannabis byproducts for projects at any capacity.  We can assist and are compliant in storage and security requirements (935 CMR 50.105(11) and 935 CMR 500 (110), respectively).  Our experts are available to assist in compliance of your facility and perform timely, compliant disposal of your byproducts.

Compost and Digestion

Our team ensures that all Marijuana waste is ground up, incinerated and/or shredded, and mixed with necessary organic materials to render cannabis unusable, then we transport the waste to a proper facility per MassDEP regulations.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We have the equipment necessary to compliantly dispose of any products required for the cultivation of marijuana. This may include hazardous materials on a large scale such as spent lighting, pesticides, solvents, cleaners and other chemicals in facility operation.  Our practices are compliant per Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Regulations – 314 CMR 30.000.

Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction

Excavate • Design • Construct • Maintain

Valiant’s fleet of excavation equipment combined with it’s experienced team of excavators offers professional, industry-leading site design, heavy construction, excavation and facilities management services with unmatched quality and aesthetics.

Excavation • Landscape Construction • Asphalt Paving • Patios & Retaining Walls • Complete Site Packages • Concrete Construction Services • Project Management • Facilities Maintenance

Take a look at some of our most recent excavation projects.

Valiant’s excavation team leaders are college educated in landscape architecture, business management and construction. Industry-leading technology allows our team to achieve high levels of precision and limit downtime while maintaining strict budgets.

Agrify-Valiant, Your One-Stop Cannabis Grow Solution

Valiant and Agrify’s new joint venture, Agrify-Valiant, puts forth a strategic partnership that largely disrupts modern construction methods in the cannabis industry.   Valiant, with it’s vertically-integrated trades, has been selected as the primary distributor and installer of Agrify’s modular vertical farming units (VFU’s).

Valiant’s experience in the construction of indoor cannabis grow facilities combined with Agrify’s micro-climate, software managed modular grow systems creates the perfect synergy for systems that revolutionize cannabis growing.  

The state-of-the-art VFU’s can be stacked 3 levels high and produce cannabis at a higher quality and lower cost than ever before.

Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

The skilled team of Valiant electricians carries years of experience in constructing and servicing complex commercial industrial integrated electrical systems.  Most recently, the team has developed a deep understanding and completed multiple projects in installation of Building Management Controls systems  (BMS) for large, commercial-scale cannabis cultivation facilities.

Our team contains in-house engineers, designers and other experts in a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to backup systems, security systems, fire alarms systems, fully integrated controls systems and many other facets of electrical work.  

Each project is carried out with the highest of safety standards and in the most cost-efficient manner while ensuring all project requirements are met.  No matter the size of the job, Valiant’s team commits to a transparent, safe, professional process in order to build lifelong relationships with our clients.

Cannabis Cultivation Plumbing Systems

Valiant’s engineers and architects derive experience from many facets of the plumbing industry.  The combined knowledge of the team allows for the highest quality, compliant plumbing installations of the complex systems involved with commercial cannabis cultivation in any climate.

Our plumbing services provide the ability for intricate cultivation equipment to function properly while extending lifespan of assets through proper cooling, while also functioning directly within the cultivation processes such as irrigation and other plumbing aspects.

Valiant’s plumbing services include Irrigation, Fertigation, Dehumidification systems, Heating & Cooling systems, Plumbing associated with industrial HVAC systems, Mold Remediation systems, Extraction, Sprinkler systems, and more.  Our systems are integrated with Building Management System (BMS) controls allowing for a lean operation within the cultivation facility.

Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction

Valiant’s HVAC team offers a wide range of commercial design and building services.  Our team produces high quality, cost-effective and efficient design of HVAC systems for small, large and mid-size industrial and manufacturing facilities.  

With industry-leading expertise, our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists offer design and building of temperature controls, plant design, piping systems, air and ventilation systems, indoor air quality systems, and much more.

Particularly in our cannabis facilities, our systems allow for our cannabis clients to maintain proper temperature and humidity throughout the grow process, no matter the location of the facility.  Whether an operation is located in the harsh, varying humidity and temperatures in the Northeast, or dry, stable climate in the Southwest, our team has the ability to create the ideal growing environment for your cannabis plants in any location.

Cannabis Facilities Construction

Valiant’s painting team carries a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the construction industry. We specifically specialize in commercial and industrial applications of paint.

Our crews are trained by experienced supervisors in applications related to specialized coatings, i.e. epoxy flooring, wood stain, restoration, and intumescent paint to achieve a proper fire rating according to the local fire department in industrial situations. 

Valiant’s in-house painting crews understand the most important part of any finish application is the preparation. Our team goes above and beyond the scope of work to ensure a perfect finish in all applications.

Our team does its own final inspection of all finishes to minimize the end of project’s client/architect punch-list and keep our clients satisfied!

Cannabis Facilities Construction
Cannabis Facilities Construction

All of our grow facilities are compatible with the integration of Building Management Systems (BMS) controls, allowing for the safe, secure, remote operation of each piece of the grow process from a control room.

We offer a wide range of BMS systems with leading technology in the areas of HVAC, thermostats, sensors, lighting, intelligent building automation, security, commercial refrigeration, and much more. 

The control panels installed by our team offer a seamless integration with smart equipment, allowing for increased security and enhanced user experience.  Smart systems and automation lead to less downtime and greater control over the quality of production, and thus greater returns for our clients.


Cannabis Facilities Construction

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